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Who is West Indochina?

We are a boutique strategic advisory firm, founded by Luc de Waegh, drawing on experienced and diverse team of Myanmar experts.

We have multi-function expertise in partner search, market entry and exit, M&A, turnaround, executive search, HR consulting, legal advisory and education, through our wholly owned subsidiary People Solutions. We can deliver assistance in all sectors, but we have extensive experience in M&A, consumer goods, hospitality, human resources consulting and education.


West Indochina can also call on specialized expertise through our exclusive associations with such companies as Roland Berger (Strategy Consultants), Dale Carnegie (Leadership and Communication Training), Rosetta Stone (online language learning solutions) and Willis Towers Watson Human Capital (salary survey, HR consulting).

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About Us


Nine Questions
to our Founder

‘I have lived and worked here through two decades of military rule, and almost a decade of elected civilian government. During that time, the external image of Myanmar has oscillated between black to white to black again.  Seen from the inside, the reality has always been more complex.

There are many shades of grey, as well as gold, for this is still known as The Golden Land.  The gold I have found is the people of Myanmar. They are resilient, brave, determined, humorous. And they want to be connected to the outside world. They want to see their country grow sustainably. And I have seen companies contributing to that sustainable growth, and having a positive impact on people’s lives, providing they operate responsibly and understand the local context. 

That’s what keeps me here’.

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