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Your Gateway
to Myanmar

“ In thirty years of doing business in Myanmar I have learned that the most successful companies are the ones who developed a deeper understanding of local market and culture."

—  Luc de Waegh, founder

We Make Things Happen.


We have the Myanmar Network

Our Associates have worked in Myanmar for decades and gained the trust of key players in many sectors such as  consumer goods, finance, telecoms and hospitality, inside and outside of Myanmar. They have built a track record of achievements and can leverage their networks to make things happen for your business.

We have the Myanmar Experience
Myanmar is complex. West Indochina has stayed through the toughest times, as well as the boom years when the word on everyone’s lips was “leapfrog” as the country embraced innovation and new technologies. This unique collection of experiences is something we share with our clients to help them succeed. We have a deep understanding of the ways things work in the Myanmar market. We are in a unique position to help our clients navigate a complex web of social, cultural, legal, political and economic challenges.


We can achieve success for your business in Myanmar.

Our “raison d’etre” is to help companies reach higher business levels in Myanmar whether through organic growth, or acquisition. Delivering solutions starts with a deep understanding of the market and local practices. Since 2006 we have delivered exceptional results for Myanmar and foreign companies in an extraordinarily challenging environment. Key to our success is our ability to actively listen to our clients and build an understanding of their business and operating models.




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